Name: Sara Rivera Ortiz

Birthday: January 25th

Grade teaching for the 2023/2024 school year: EC~TA

Do you have any dietary restrictions/allergies: none

Starbucks Coffee order: Caramel Latte (hot or iced)

Sonic Order: Mozzarella sticks or Tater tots

Music: It varies, from 90’s to 2000’s pop music to anything that is enjoyable.

Television show: Call the Midwife or Yellowstone and all its spin offs

Collect anything: nothing but love a cute headband

Candy: Any gummy (bears, worms- sour or regular- prefer the organic ones with no artificial dyes), Buncha Crunch

Drink: Strawberry Lemonade or any lemonade

Color: Red or Pink

Restaurant: First Watch, Carrabba’s, Panera…on the fancy side North Italia, Circa

Store for yourself: Marshall’s, Target, Kohl’s

Hobbies: Walk/Hiking, Bake, Be a Cub Scout Mom

Disney Character: Minnie, Daisy…any classic one. Also, Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove is my favorite Disney villain

Magazine: Any baking/food magazine or travel magazine

Dessert: I love mostly anything (that is not a chocolate or lemon dessert)

Snack: Baked Lays

Flower: Hydrangeas

Movies: Rom Com, Comedy, Musicals or Disney Movies. My all time favorite is Bicentennial Man or Buddy

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Fall

Sports Teams: Puertorican National Baseball Team, Nashville Predators

Books/Authors: The Book Thief is one of my favorite books. Anything from Nicholas Sparks.

What do you do to relax: Nap, watch true crime docuseries or documentaries

Vacation spot: Beach, exploring a National Park or Disney (amusement parks)

Lotions/Fragrances/Candles: I’m very sensitive when it comes to fragrances. I like coconut and citrus smells. I like only one candle from bath and body works (Midnight Blue Citrus)

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Antarctica or Bali