Mission Statement:

The Longview Parent Teacher Organization is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers, whose membership includes parents, legal guardians, and staff at Longview. Longview PTO will excel in maintaining communication and cooperation between parents, teachers, and administrators to help ensure that students achieve their fullest potential and receive the best education possible. We want the time students, staff members, and parents spend at Longview to be a source of great pride. By facilitating communication, seeking input, providing information, hosting events, organizing fundraisers, and offering volunteer opportunities, we help to make Longview the best that it can be.

Executive Board 2023-2024

President: Mandy Hopkins

VP of Events: Tyler Wheeler

VP of Marketing: Erinn Hartwell

VP of Staff Support: Emily Corey

VP of Volunteers: Karen Luff

Membership Secretary: Becky Lockart

Recording Secretary: Leiah Drew-Hightower

Treasurer: Alison Mitchell

Top Row: Emily Corey, Mandy Hopkins, Karen Luff, Becky Lockart

Middle Row: Tyler Wheeler, LV Lion, Erinn Hartwell

Front Row: Alison Mitchell, Leiah Drew-Hightower