Name: Jessica Frias

Birthday: January 6th 

Grade: Library

No allergies or dietary restrictions

Starbucks: decaf mocha, cream-based Frappuccino (any chocolate flavor)

Sonic: Peach sweet tea, bacon cheeseburger no onions with tater tots

Music: Christian artists or 80’s

TV show: Beach Bargain Hunt

Collect anything: Beach theme decor, yorkie items

Candy: Trollies gummies

Drink: Peach or tropical flavor sweet tea, Jamba juice

Color: Blue

Restaurant: Pyramids Cafe, Costa Vida

Store: Marshall’s, Ross, Home Goods

Hobbies: reading, journaling

Disney character: Pooh

Magazine: HGTV

Dessert: anything chocolate

Snack: Sea salt and vinegar chips

Flower: Gardenia, Hydrangeas, Buttercups

Movies: Mamma Mia, The Greatest Showman, musicals

Holiday: All

Season: Fall

Sports teams: 49ers, Warriors

Books/Authors: non-fiction, Christian

To relax: read, sleep

Vacation spot: the beach

Lotions/Fragrances/Candles: Anything clean beauty, natural candles

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be: Italy, Greece, Austria, Germany