Name: Karolyn Marino

Birthday: July 6th                                        

Grade teaching for the 2023/2024 school year: 3rd Grade

Do you have any dietary restrictions/allergies: Latex, Dairy, Peanuts, Wheat/Gluten and I don’t care for seafood, onions, or mayonnaise. 

Starbucks Coffee order: Chai Tea – Soy milk, no water, no foam, no whip. Extra heavy on the chai.

Sonic Order: Large Chili Cheese tots (this “dairy” doesn’t seem to effect me)  Strawberry Limeade.

Music: We are Messengers, Etta James, Smokey Robinson, Lauren Daigle.

Television show: Anything Suspense, Adventure, Action.

Collect anything: Willow Tree,  Author signed books, and Plants.

Candy: Dark Chocolate, i.e.., Dove Dark Chocolate 

Drink: Sweet Tea and lemonade 

Color: Blue, Earth Tones

Restaurant: J. Alexanders, Tito’s

Store for yourself: Belk, Macy’s, Walmart

Hobbies: Travel

Disney Character: Winnie the Pooh

Magazine: Southern Living

Dessert: Pecan Pie (I can usually eat this without the crust).  Anything GF/DF

Snack: Trail Mix, no peanuts.  GF Cookies/Brownies

Flower: All of them.

Movies: August Rush, Anything with a good message, fun, action, and not too scary.

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Spring

Sports Teams: MN Vikings, MN Wild

Books/Authors: Kate DiCamillo for students, Francine Rivers for adults.

What do you do to relax: Swimming, hiking, concerts.

Vacation spot: Anywhere. I like the adventures.

Lotions/Fragrances/Candles: Floral.  My favorite is Rosewater and Ivy from Bath and Body works.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? I’ve loved Italy, France, Israel, Canada, and all the corners of our great country, and other places.  I love to travel!