Name: Jacqueline Foley

Birthday: April 6th

Grade teaching for the 2023/2024 school year: 2nd

Do you have any dietary restrictions/allergies: n/a

Starbucks Coffee order: Hot chia latte

Sonic Order: Cherry Limeade

Music: 80’s anything and 90’s Country

Television show: Yellowstone and The Chosen

Collect anything: Christmas Ornaments

Candy: Red Vines, Hot Tamales, and Dots

Drink: Chery Coke

Color: Blue

Restaurant: Greek Pizzeria, Chuy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings

Store for yourself: Amazon

Hobbies: Drawing and Painting

Disney Character: Jimmy Cricket

Magazine: n/a

Dessert: Coconut Pie or anything Pie

Snack: Takis and Sea Salt Pop Corners

Flower: Yellow Roses

Movies: Military, 80’s action, Christian Movies

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Season: Fall and Spring

Sports Teams: n/a

Books/Authors: Thomas Sowell and Jordan Peterson

What do you do to relax: Movie night with my family

Vacation spot: Dollywood, Texas and Florida

Lotions/Fragrances/Candles: Vanilla or Clean laundry

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Ireland or Scotland